What is MCIM?

A Mission Critical Singularity

A strategically integrated cluster of cloud-based tools and front-end data curation and validation, enabling centralized management of mission-critical data & processes across facilities portfolios scalable to global span.

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Business Intelligence

Tap into a constant stream of actionable insight, harnessing human-generated data so often neglected.

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Access all of your mission critical information – anytime, anywhere.

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Increase collaboration and access collective organizational knowledge in real-time.

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Simply defined, ‘Mission Critical’ encompasses the provisioning and management of all functions necessary to support 24/7/365 availability of the facility and Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection (MEPF) infrastructure essential to a firm’s operating activities. We uniquely harness the human-generated data, that information generated by and acted upon by an organization’s operators. Moreover, even the most robustly engineered site can be brought down by human error.

Failing to meet such needs brings peril, and the stakes only continue to grow. Technology being pervasive and demands for business efficiency unrelenting, most organizations have increased their reliance on the network across the enterprise, from just-in-time logistics to Lean manufacturing, to data centers, critical operations and reputation-linked sales & support.

As a result, the need for mission-critical facilities to perform flawlessly only increases. In addition, new availability & reliability demands imposed by global supply chains, data center virtualization, razor thin inventory management, cloud computing and “always on” mobile technology are rapidly increasing interdependency to levels beyond that which the physical infrastructure within a single facility is able to support. These new levels of interdependence demand that the concepts of redundancy and fault tolerance evolve to encompass a variety of assets across the entire organizational value chain. Doing so is amazingly complex, and requires a robust 21st century information management system.

The Mission Critical Information Management (MCIM) tool was designed in the cloud – for the cloud – to address the approaching reality of shared risk across a global network of interdependent facilities. MCIM meets these challenges by centralizing, standardizing and automating information flow among all mission critical stakeholder roles, in turn mitigating the risk of impact events, and maximizing uptime availability and asset useful life across the portfolio. MCIM’s tightly integrated cluster of cloud-based tools interacts seamlessly to provide the full breadth of tactical, managerial and strategic data & processes essential to a robust, global organization.

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