MEET MCIM and Fulcrum


MCIM began with a commission from a global Fortune 100 financial institution to create a cloud computing solution to centralize, standardize and automate the management of their global critical facilities.  The MCIM team took the lessons learned in that effort, and developed the MCIM platform of tools.  Now MCIM is used by Fortune 100 and 500 firms to streamline operations in over 40 countries across 4 continents. The world-class solution continues to evolve through collaboration with the global user base and well-known industry organizations including, among others, The Uptime Institute.


The world is rapidly evolving into 'smart' facilities that will rely on unified and accurate data to keep the pace with the innovation they support.  Our software is at the heart of quality facilities innovation because we understand people play a critical role in data integrity, operations management,  and business intelligence.  MCIM is passionate about innovation as well as practical application.  This makes us an industry leader in this space.


Predictive analytics and forecasting models are available at a moments notice.  MCIM saves time, minimizes facilities down time, and cuts costs.  Our technology focuses on intuitive user experiences and intelligent data qualification at the point of entry.  This ensures quality, and consistent data structures our platform can immediately analyze and report upon.