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Operations Analyst

Job Description

This role is a unique opportunity for a motivated individual looking to learn the technical operations of managing a cloud-based platform called MCIM (Mission Critical Information Management). This role’s responsibilities will include becoming a super-user of our MCIM product, supporting multiple customer accounts in the delivery & administration of MCIM software, product implementation & training, and continuously improving our product.

Job Responsibilities

  • Become a technical “super user” of the MCIM platform.

  • Train both clients & internal employees on how to properly use MCIM and quickly adopt the platform.

  • Work with the Operations & Development team to document execution requirements and configure the platform for each customer's unique requests and design needs.

  • Build and maintain software procedure and training documentation for our customers.

  • Present solutions for our customers typically to Senior Level Management/Executives.

  • Become a trusted resource and advisor for your accounts, while also ensuring consistent delivery of ‘white-glove’ customer experience.

  • Troubleshoot, Triage, and Communicate timely updates for your accounts on the status of the initiatives/projects you manage.

Preferred Requirements of Ideal Candidate

  • Detail Oriented | Analytical Mindset - Details matter, especially at MCIM. Understanding MCIM’s architecture, workflows, and even AI; You’ll have a lot to learn about our software under the hood, and that requires someone capable of learning quickly while also remembering the details that matter.

  • Strong Communication | Presentation | Customer Service - Once you’ve mastered MCIM under the hood, you’ll be sharing its capabilities with our customers and their internal teams. You're not intimidated by communicating with teams of people and teaching them how to use MCIM.

  • Quality Assurance | Technical Writing - MCIM is an evolving technology platform, and you’ll be expected to have a fine eye with ensuring that all implementations of MCIM you manage meet internal quality standards. Moreover, as we introduce new capabilities, you’ll participate in the development of customized technical and video support documentation.


  • Competitive Pay

  • Medical, Dental & Vision

  • 401K

  • Paid Time Off

More Information on Fulcrum Collaborations: Fulcrum Collaborations manages the cloud-based MCIM (Mission Critical Information Management) platform. MCIM is a cloud-based platform for centralized management of mission critical data & processes across a global facilities portfolio. MCIM encompasses the management of all functions necessary to support 24/7/365 availability of a critical facility, such as Data Centers, and IT services essential to a firm’s operating activities.

To apply, please email your resume and contact information to recruiting@fulcrumcollaborations.com.