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Operations Specialist

Job Description

This role is a unique opportunity for a motivated and experienced operations specialist to leverage the MCIM platform software to provide critical operations consulting services to existing & new MCIM customers.  Critical operations consulting services include critical asset audits (field/data), critical operating script development/review, application of industry best practices, subject matter expert in equipment operating practices, and contributing to product/strategy development with field-level execution perspective.

Job Responsibilities

Subject Matter Expert - Critical Assets & Operations:  You will become a fluent user of the MCIM platform, and then leverage our platform to provide critical operations consulting services to our customers.  These services will include:

  • Data management and inventory of the critical infrastructure within our customer’s portfolios of data centers, telecommunications centers, and corporate & retail real estate facilities.  You will conduct field-level audits of operating assets within these facilities, ensuring clean data capture and enforcement within the MCIM platform.

  • Development, review, and coordination of critical environment operating procedures and scripts.  You will develop operating scripts for the critical infrastructure operations within our customers' portfolios, including emergency and maintenance operating procedures.

  • Development, review, and coordination of CMMS maintenance compliance and work coordination.  You will review and provide oversight in the establishment of critical infrastructure maintenance schedules, critical work control coordination, alignment of failure modes/coding, and grouping of assets for the execution of maintenance schedules. 

  • Training of field technicians and customer teams on MCIM platform software and capabilities.  Provide support to existing Operations Analysts where necessary in support of current client portfolios.

Contribute to product development with Industry best-practice/field-level perspective:  Fulcrum is continually advancing the development of the MCIM platform while maintaining its critical balance between ease of use in the field and validated insight-driven reporting.  As a seasoned operations specialist with operational experience in critical environments, your input, feedback, and knowledge of best practices will be utilized in product development.  You will be involved in the detailed coordination of operational product UI/UX discussions, data structure discussions, and product applicability discussions.   

Preferred Requirements of Ideal Candidate

  • High School diploma or equivalent

  • 4+ years of relevant work experience in a data center or other critical environment or 8+ years of Technical (Military/Trade School) training and/or experience with relevant data center facilities equipment.

  •  Strong experience with computerized building management systems, preventative maintenance, and work order systems.

  • Strong HVAC background including chillers, heat pumps, VAVs, pumping systems, fluid filtering, water treatment, and control systems.

  • Strong Emergency backup systems background including generators, UPS systems, transfer switches, PDUs, and static switches.

  • Ability to travel to client facilities (~30% of year travel required). Ability  to travel internationally required..


  • Competitive Salary

  • Medical, Dental & Vision

  • Paid Time Off

To apply, please email your resume and contact information to

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