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  • Ryan Schmidt

DCD > Enterprise | New York - Recap!

A few of the MCIM team in Times Square!
A few of the MCIM team in Times Square!

The MCIM team was able to bring 8 members of our team to participate in the DCD New York event this year, an event that focused on Big Data/Analytics, Cloud, AI and other new emerging data center technologies that are changing the industry!

At the MCIM booth, I was able to personally demo our solution with over 15 different companies, including global financial institutions, technology firms, colocation providers, as well as leading wholesale data center teams. Other solutions focused on machine generated data, whereas we differentiated ourselves on the front-end, with clean data capture at the point of entry!

Ready to go

Day One

Michael Dongiuex, MCIM's Chief Architect and CEO, presented for an exclusive, executive round table. In attendance, we were thrilled to have companies such as QTS, Sabey, NYP, Microsoft, DOW Tech, IEX, JP Morgan & Chase, Merck & Co, Schneider Electric and many more! The topic focused on new security and increased audits - how the next generation of tools are utilizing Einstein AI to improve predictability in your critical facilities versus retroactive responses. Focusing on MCIM - our team demonstrated our solution's capability to solving both security and audit issues - as well as making the most of new emerging artificial intelligence!

See what MCIM can do for you

MCIM by Fulcrum Collaborations is trusted by 3 of the top 4 colos/hyperscalers, 8 of the top 10 global banks, as well as clients in cloud, technology, manufacturing, telecom, media, sports, and healthcare sectors.


Covering 30,000+ facilities, over 350 MM SQFT, across 6 continents.

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