• Ryan Schmidt

MCIM and Your CMMS Integration

This week I felt it pertinent to address one of the most common concerns that the MCIM team faces in pre-implementation discussions with new clients. That is correct - today you'll read just a quick note of some of the high level discussions we have inside our Richmond, VA home offices!

We certainly pride ourselves on our ability to conduct expeditious, painless, and quite frankly comfortable implementations. A byproduct of that almost always begins with the discussion of a client's current systems and what the effect MCIM will have on those systems. Often times they are disparate, yes, but have been custom-developed as well as had countless hours of personal employee time invested in order to get off the ground running.

We absolutely respect and value these baseline CMMS or custom systems, and with that, have developed our own integrations to ensure a smooth ease-of-use as well as non-duplicative work efforts.

MCIM certainly has the depth to handle all of your critical facilities needs, but often times it may be an exceptional compliment to your current systems, making the adoption process simple and the timeline for use shorter.

So to the teams that sits behind me in their offices, working algorithms and coding - a task that would be the equivalent of me trying to perform gymnastic aerobatics, thank you for making MCIM and our clients' systems integrate without issue! Until next week - please reach out to me, Ryan Schmidt, at 804-539-9910 or for a live demo!