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MCIM - Attended the 7x24 Charlotte Event!

On Tuesday, October 2nd 2018 - I was privileged enough to attend the Transitioning from Commissioning to Mission Critical Operators conference at The NASCAR Hall of Fame - 8th Annual Technical Summit!

We at MCIM have the pleasure of helping many global clients manage their critical facilities. With this comes traveling to different locations, hubs of new data center growth, and Fortune 500 companies alike.

At the conference, there were many names such as Horizon Engineering, Google, PCX, Powersmiths, Facility Grid, CCI, and SRK Innovations. As an engineering and operations advocate, I found that this particular conference focused more on the commissioning aspects of the critical space - but the final panel was excellent on FM ops!

The picture below shows an example of the people and panels that were discussed. See below for a quick recap of individuals and events I found most interesting:

Marcus Hassen - Data Center Program Manager, AT&T

Scott Blackman - Principal, SRK Innovation

Joe Jones - CEO, Icarus Ops

Terry Rodgers - VP, Primary Integration Solutions

Robert McFarlane, Principal, SMW

Tim Gilbert - Principal, Salas O'Brien

Holistic Mission Critical Operations - Run by Joe Jones

ASHRAE Industry Guidelines Review - Run by Terry Rodgers & Robert McFarlane

Commissioning to Operators Case Study: Legacy EPO System Replacement - Run by Marcus Hassen & Scott Blackman

Overall, I found the event very enjoyable and enlightening. I had not yet learned from the Cx side of the construction phases, and I found the transition process of power from completion to owner-occupied intriguing. I look forward to attending more 7x24 events that focus on the data center and critical facility space, to continue to introduce our critical FM engineering and ops solution!

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