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  • Ryan Schmidt

MCIM Heads to DCD New York!

The MCIM Team heads to DCD New York for the 16th summit at the incredible Marriott Marquis venue!  We will be hosting a panel discussion and would be thrilled to see you there.  Reach out to Ryan Schmidt to join our Happy Hour / meet & greet! 

See our Executive Round Table abstract below. (See me or Justin Dodge for special invitation!)

In a world of heightened security and increasing audits -- learn how the next generation of DCSO tools is utilizing Einstein AI to improve predictability and ensure audit readiness!
Compliance continues to be an increasingly important topic for data center executives. Failure to comply, or more often inability to prove compliance, can result in heavy fines and reputational damage, and all but guarantees increased scrutiny and attention from auditors the next go-around. 
Despite clear incentives, why do so many organizations continue to struggle with compliance? In a surprising number of cases the organization is compliant, but lacks the ability to prove it due to their information management practices and systems. 
This session will provide insight into an often unexpected root cause, as well as provide a roadmap with practical steps to make proving compliance drastically simpler. We’ll discuss challenges with potential to further complicate compliance (e.g. edge computing), as well as some significant yet unexpected opportunities in the realm of operational AI enabled by solving the compliance challenge at its root. 

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