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  • Ryan Schmidt

MCIM's End of Year Conferences Review

DCD 2018

We at MCIM have the pleasure of attending conferences across the United States as well as abroad. In October, I was able to attend DCD Dallas hosted at the Hyatt Regency, a beautiful venue with excellent attendance! Companies represented ranged from Aligned Energy to Compass Datacenters - as well as numerous new technology companies!

Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX

Having now attended five conferences in just the 4th quarter alone, I have been able to get a feel for what provides the most bang for your buck. The "RoundTable" option in Dallas was a fantastic way to have one-on-one conversations with not just attendees, but end users and data center operators.

I sat in with Phil O'Dwyer from Cyrus One (the table moderator), and our panel focused on emerging technology in the data center space - specifically in the engineering and operational management space. BGIS's Ryan Montgomery sponsored the table and had an additional two technicians from their team as well.

We were able to have a 25-minute conversation speaking to MCIM's capabilities, and it really turned into a wonderful Q & A of our core platform functionality and the benefits MCIM offers through its ontological design.

Richmond, VA
Richmond, VA Skyline

MCIM Sponsors 7x24 Central VA Chapter Winter Event and Holiday Party!

The picture to the right was taken atop the Capital One Innovation Hub building - a communal venue for startup companies to have a place to meet and utilize special advisers and services provided within.

The location is in "the Bottom" - located just south of the main city of Richmond. As you can see, the site and amenities are incredible, and we can see why businesses enjoy starting here!

Our speaker James Coe, the Director of Critical Facilities at Syska Hennessy, offered welcome insight to the unique challenge of Hyperscale Data Centers!

Dock St., Richmond
Dock St, Richmond

I encourage you all to engage in your local communities as well as Data Center focused conferences to continue spreading the great work that is done to keep our technology growth buzzing.

NVTC hosted an event called "Military Veterans in the Data Center Industry". As an Air Force veteran, this was just a fantastic get together - including networking and learning how many of us who have served are continuing that same sense of camaraderie in their civilian workplace.

It is events like those discussed above that help garner a sense of pride in the work we do. We bring together people from all over the world and with different backgrounds to keep the world's data safe and secure, 24x7!

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