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  • Ryan Schmidt

MCIM's In House Analysts - Serving You!

Hello and thank you for stopping by MCIM and our latest blog post! Today I'd like to introduce an invaluable piece of our team here at MCIM - our Data Analysts. By now if you've looked through our website, various posts, and overviews - you no doubt have seen the functionality that our solution has! We're honored to have renewed and expanded all of our clients into 2018!


But like every great man or woman once said, you're only as valuable as the people standing beside you... and that could not be more true for our Operations Team. As a part of new clients working to master how they will best use MCIM - we offer direct, personalized account consulting with an In-Office data analyst!

The team at work

Slotted under "custom advisory" hours - these individuals are the trained masterminds behind the implementations, data analytics, report generation, adoption, and so much more. Talk about wearing multiple hats - not only do they become the clients main point of interaction, they become "one" with your organizations needs & habits.

To give a little context to the level of granular detail and account management our operators deal with on a daily basis, let's take a look at day in a few of their calendars from 9AM to 5PM:

Courtney: Internal Account Review, Go Live for New Module, Admin Superuser Training, New Dashboard Build-Out for Client, Lead Call for Weekly/Monthly Review

Kristen: On-Call Update, Work Order Custom Client Config, Monthly Call, STS Asset Cleanup

C. J. : Weekly Data Export, Client Huddle, Configure New Module, Weekly Office Hours Call with Users, Updating Functionality and User Specific Requests, New User Report

Working for you

And that type of schedule is the norm for our ops team, as they consistently perform and over deliver the highest level of customer service to our users. It's an incredible pleasure getting to see the adoption of MCIM go so well, and the enthusiastic, positive responses we get from the engineering teams.

These men and women are the first line of defense in tackling not only the "IT" side of the clients portfolio, but identifying the trends of system failures, tracking users who may not be performing to their expected capacity, and advising executives on the state of of their portfolio. They are a team we sales guys do not take for granted, and I hope you as a potential user get the chance to speak with our analysts or operations manager, Christel - feel free to let me know if you'd like to learn more! Have a fantastic week!

See what MCIM can do for you

MCIM by Fulcrum Collaborations is trusted by 3 of the top 4 colos/hyperscalers, 8 of the top 10 global banks, as well as clients in cloud, technology, manufacturing, telecom, media, sports, and healthcare sectors.


Covering 30,000+ facilities, over 350 MM SQFT, across 6 continents.

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