• Ryan Schmidt

MCIM - The only available all-in-one Critical Facilities management tool.

At MCIM, we have continued to push the boundaries of critical facilities technologies by eliminating the typical waste of duplicate processes, while partnering with appropriate legacy systems through our Salesforce APIs. Having signed on to work with FOUR major new clients just this MONTH alone, I would like to quickly review what it is that we do at MCIM - and what makes us different.

MCIM is not just an Asset Management platform. We don't separate out incidents from their related asset records, or the assets from their parent change management work effort. There isn't a separate paper system for logging facility rounds, and another system for taking notes on critical risks / operational deficiencies. There is no external reporting requirement or data roll up - we don't require a Tableau or another system to trust and view the data.

MCIM is the first, best in class, all-in-one, holistic critical facility engineering and operations information management tool. Our mantra, "clean data transforms business," coupled with our second-to-none custom advisory services has enabled the explosive growth and foothold we have on the critical FM space.

We don't subscribe to the off-the-shelf, one-and-done transaction model- MCIM becomes a partner to our customers, conducting all of our implementations and custom development out of our Richmond, VA-based corporate headquarters. Our operations analysts not only become intimate with our clients' data, but they become close with the clients themselves - a unique working relationship!

Our Custom Advisory services include white-glove data migration and implementation into the MCIM paradigm, by completing asset transformations, importing legacy incidents, assisting with SOP/MOP script building, and configuring rounds templates. We are able to customize the vernacular of the site to match what our clients already use, to ensure the highest ease of software adoption!

We are one of the first platforms available to utilize IBM Watson AI in partnership with the Salesforce platform. This is only possible because of the clean data capture that we so effortlessly integrate throughout our client organizations. Without clean data, valuable Business Intelligence is unattainable, and Artificial Intelligence is useless.

Our Asset Management, Incident Reporting, Change Management, Facility Rounds, and Assessments engines are all configured to optimize the intersections among these core functionalities. As a natural by-product of MCIM usage, customers receive insight into asset failure rates, analysis that reveals and quantifies the root cause of equipment failures, predictive and prescriptive maintenance, digitized workflow and scripting, and so much more.

With the automated workflow rules and digital transformation built into Salesforce - a platform that is already in use at the majority of the top Fortune 1000 companies - MCIM can focus on constantly improving our product offering and not the back-end infrastructure development.

When we release a product-wide, worthwhile upgrade, we ensure it is released across all of our organizations in a controlled manner - a benefit that our clients love.

We are proud to say we've never lost an MCIM customer in almost 10 years, and for the last last three years in a row, every single MCIM customer has expanded their usage of our platform. We look forward to providing a Proof of Concept Pilot for a fraction of the cost of full functionality use. Many of our clients opt to dive straight into a full portfolio implementation, which we are more than happy to accommodate. We can also showcase the software in our demonstration environment, which contains full reporting and analytics capabilities. Thank you for your consideration, and we look forward to the future of facilities management with MCIM! -Ryan

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