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Ramping up digitization at CyrusOne with MCIM and JLL

CyrusOne says partnering with JLL and MCIM by Fulcrum Collaborations "puts us at the bleeding edge of technology."

And last week's successful on-site bootcamp with the JLL team will only strengthen CyrusOne's ability to easily collect data, increase accuracy and efficiency, and receive actionable insights.

The CyrusOne and JLL team at MCIM for training.

Last month, CyrusOne cited MCIM and JLL's partnership as having "already paid in dividends" by allowing them to "more accurately compile data center information in real time into a single data base, where we can set guardrails, actively monitor trends and observe minimum/maximum allowances. The data has become more accurate and more actionable, allowing us to see slow-creep performance issues that give us a predictive indicator of failures before they can happen."

We look forward to deepening the partnership, further enabling CyrusOne to focus less on administrative burden and more on uptime, growth, sustainability, and providing their customers the best service possible.

Read more about how MCIM and JLL are changing CyrusOne on their blog.

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