• Ryan Schmidt

The Analytics Behind Hidden Cost Savings

I've had the pleasure of sitting in on a few recent calls with current clients utilizing MCIM and prospective users interested in not only the granular analytics, but real cost savings as well. Often for a new client to come on board we must navigate their security regulations, implementation concerns, and in general a displeasure for the process due to previous service providers. What that leaves us with is a differentiating factor, one that shows users that in addition to all of the capabilities of MCIM - we can show the tangible benefit to their costs!

Live Screenshot from Maintenance Compliance Report

A common train of thought is - "well we have not had an outage in 20 years", or that "the amount of data we have does not justify your analysis." These are appropriate concerns and two questions we take careful thought in responding to. MCIM allows its users to track granular analytics - from units of measure as large as the building itself down to the worn-out coupling that failed within its designed lifespan. MCIM's purpose-built design for managing data allows us to nudge users with ease-of-entry towards clean input data, so even with specific detail, we are able to crowd source common failures across sites - producing unrivaled analytics.

Although a client may not have had an outage or IT downtime impact in 20 years - are you over performing preventative maintenance? Are you able to dynamically track which model of CRAC units have failed every 5 years when they're supposed to last 7? Is there a specific manufacturer of cooling fan that continues to fall out of balance? Are you receiving UPS batteries from the manufacturer that are losing shelf-life while they wait to be purchased? How many paid man hours can be saved if you're able to track incidents down to the specific root cause of failure - allowing common practices to be updated and corrected with this information at your fingertips?!

Sure - the cost of a data center outage has gone up to $740,000 as of 2016 but how often do we analyze savings for daily operational costs? What systems are used to make these decisions? Let MCIM provide the critical structure needed for your mobile rounds, your asset life-cycle management, your benchmarked incident reporting, and your fully digitized MOPs/SOPs/PM work. As the Uptime Institute said in an independent research, "MCIM virtually eliminates human error." Let us, together, bring forward the best of your facilities and operators. Clean data transforms business and translates directly to cost savings! Thank you for reading!