Technical Engagement Manager

Job Description

This role is a unique opportunity for a motivated individual looking to lead technical implementation of the cloud-based platform MCIM (Mission Critical Information Management).  The Technical Engagement Manager is responsible for providing technical SME (Subject Matter Expert) support & direction for customer technical needs.  They are acutely involved with new customer transitions, ensuring the MCIM Platform is effectively & efficiently configured to their specifications, and that core MCIM features and functionality are leveraged to the fullest extent, and unnecessary custom feature development is minimized.  Ultimately, the Technical Engagement Manager will become a master of the MCIM Platform, and leverage their technical skills to ensure customers extract the maximum value for their organization, while also ensuring that usage of MCIM’s core features are prioritized.  

Job Responsibilities
  • Become a technical “master” of the MCIM full stack.

  • Represent the DEVOPS team on new customer implementations by guiding technical conversations and direction during project calls. Interface with and support the DEVOPS team as needed in conjunction with customer implementations. 

  • Utilize your MCIM platform understanding to distill new feature requests into technical requirements for DEVOPs execution, and then provide oversight during the customer configuration process. 

  • Assist the Director of Product in management of the technical pipeline of DEVOPs requests, internal process, and team oversight.

  • Manage the scoping required for bespoke customer enhancement requests that cannot be accommodated by existing MCIM features and functionality, and lead fast-paced sprint/design sessions for new product feature development.

  • Become a trusted advisor for customers in their technical MCIM platform requests, while also ensuring consistent delivery of a ‘white-glove’ customer experience.

  • Use in-depth knowledge of MCIM software combined with a generalized knowledge of software / database principles to match customer requirements and functionality requests with existing MCIM features and functionality. Be able to solution in this way and articulate to the customer on-the-fly during live calls. This skill is vital to minimizing custom feature creep, keeping implementations on schedule, and maximizing use of core features and functionality of the MCIM product. 

  • Keep new customer implementations on track against schedule, and propose/push for pivots in approach when needed to catch up.

Skill Set for Success

  • Detail Oriented | Analytical Mindset  - Details matter, especially at MCIM.  Understanding MCIM’s architecture, workflows, and even AI; You’ll have a lot to learn about our full stack, it’s integration abilities, and development roadmap.  This role requires someone capable of learning quickly while also remembering the details that matter.   

  • Strong Communication | Presentation | Customer Service  -  Once you’ve mastered MCIM under the hood, you’ll be sharing it’s capabilities with our customers and their internal teams.  You're not intimidated by communicating with teams of people and teaching them how to use MCIM. 

  • Self Driven | Business Acumen  -  Opportunities at MCIM abound, but translating these into business success requires the organized execution of multiple tactical projects.  This position requires a highly self driven individual, capable of strong tactical organization as they support multiple customer and internal development initiatives, in a growing company. The Engagement Manager is at ground zero of our company’s execution cycle, and they don’t need to be told when to take action. 

To apply, please email your resume and contact information to