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We obsess about clean data. MCIM is deployed globally via the cloud infrastructure, availing world-class security and API’s -- unlocking stranded value in your business critical processes & systems.  

The broken Old Way of managing critical assets and facilities.
Data Center

 Clean Data Transforms Business 

The MCIM Way

Unified and aligned view, delivering unrivaled efficiency.

MCIM's unified and aligned view delivers unrivaled efficiency

MCIM (Mission Critical Information Management) is a unified, cloud-based platform to centralize, standardize and automate Facilities Management (FM) operations for world class performance.



Data can be your greatest asset, but only if it's fast and accessible. MCIM is designed for speed and accuracy.



Built on top of Salesforce, MCIM leverages all of the power and security used by thousands of institutions worldwide. MCIM implements custom solutions for our clients to meet their security needs.



MCIM provides valuable insights to your organization from technician to CEO. MCIM achieves that fine balance between usability and sophistication. The customization and flexibility built into our products meets every user where they are. 

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